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The Forestry Commission and their commercial partners are proposing to build 68 holiday chalets and accompanying facilities near to the High Vinnalls car park. See this link for information.

Searching for ‘Mortimer Forest development’ online will offer various web-sites with differing views on the proposed development.

There is also information about a ‘Save Mortimer Forest’ petition.

We have received this from Mike Shurmer, Senior Conservation Officer in our region.


A summary of the RSPB's current position regarding the proposed Forest Holidays development at Mortimer Forest:

We are aware of the proposals and have seen the information posted to date on the FC website and the screening options request currently in with the local authority.

We are in touch with Butterfly Conservation and will be speaking to them about the proposal to get their views. Similarly, we will also be contacting  Herefordshire Wildlife Trust and Shropshire Wildlife Trust. We will work with these organisations to ensure that wildlife is taken into consideration.

We have spoken with Forest Holidays and Forestry Commission. We have outlined to them what they would need to provide as evidence to accompany this type of planning application. This includes appropriate ecological surveys, any proposed mitigation, habitat enhancements and considerations during the construction phase.

Once any planning application is submitted we will respond appropriately, based on the evidence provided with that submission. It is worth saying that we cannot pre-empt the consultation process on any planning application.

I should highlight that once any planning application is submitted, all RSPB consultation responses needs to be made via myself. I would be happy to speak to the group once a planning application has been made and we have more information.

Mike Shurmer

Senior Conservation Officer

Midlands Region (Outposted)


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Would you be willing to spend and hour or so enthusing and inspiring the younger generation?

We have been asked by Emma Summers from a local Children's Wildlife Watch group, set up through the Shropshire Wildlife Trust, if anyone would be prepared to visit their group for an hour on a Sunday to talk about the wild birds of Shropshire, and possibly organise a birdwatching session with the children. The group meets in Ludlow at the Dinham Bridge site.

If you would like to help this worthwhile cause please contact Emma at Thanks!


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