Insects Insects Black Darter Dragonfly 186419449 Brimstone moth 186419450 Elephant hawk moth 186419451 Fox Moth? 186419452 Green-brindled Crescent moth 186419453 Large Emerald moth 186419454 Large Skipper 186419455 Mullein moth caterpillars 186419456 Painted Lady 186419457 Silver Y moth 186419458 Silver-studded Blue Slightly out of our area at Prees Heath, near Whitchurch, but easy to reach and well worth the journey. 186419459 Silver-washed Fritillary Fairly common in mid- to late-summer in parts of Mortimer Forest. 186419460 Small Copper 186419461 Small Tortoiseshell 186419462 Southern Hawker dragonfly? 186419463