Birds Birds Manners! Every bird for himself at the peanut feeder... (Photo: D. Delaney) 204420181 Redstart A handsome male. (Photo: D. Delaney) 204420180 Red Kite Fast becoming an iconic sight in Shropshire - this one was photographed swooping for food at the newly-established feeding station at the Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre. (Photo: D Delaney) 199809896 Falcon This is a cross between a gyr and saker falcon, so would not be seen in the wild. It is bred specifically for falconry displays, hence the jess trailing from the leg. Taken at the British Ironworks visitor centre, just south of Oswestry. (Photo: D Delaney) 200086413 Kestrel Also known as the Windhover, for obvious reasons! (Photo taken in Norfolk: D Delaney) 199809897 Tree-creeper building a nest (Photo C and C Cooke) 198837489 Dipper Often to be seen along Shropshire rivers, bobbing up and down on rocks or disappearing for an alarming length of time under the water. (Photo C and C Cooke) 195299210 Goldfinch Seen beside the hide at Venus Pool. (Photo: C and C Cooke. 187819438 Fieldfare One advantage of snowy weather - beautiful visitors like this! 186412023 Glossy Ibis Seen around the Stokesay area during autumn 2013. Photo courtesy of Clive and Clarissa Cooke. 186412022 Song Thrush Alas a rare visitor to our Ludlow garden these days. 186412021 Waxwing Always exciting to see. 186412025 Not too sure... This colourful "variation on a theme of mallard" was seen on the Teme in Ludlow for quite some time during 2013. 186412027 Bramblings and Siskins ...and the occasional goldfinch, all sticking together. 186412029 More Waxwings Posing prettily, again in Ludlow. 186412030 Redwing Another visitor from the North. 186426034 Two Wheatears One of our earliest summer migrants, appearing on upland areas in March. (Photo: C and C Cooke) 195299211 Little Egret Once rare in Shropshire; now seen regularly. (Photo: C and C Cooke) 195299212 Grasshopper Warbler An exciting summer visitor, identified by its distinctive "reeling" call. (Photo: C and C Cooke) 195299214 Male Linnet Showing off his raspberry-coloured chest. (Photo: C and C Cooke) 195299213 Avocet (Photo taken at Upton Warren in Worcestershire: C and C Cooke) 198837485 Dunnock (Photo: C and C Cooke) 198837486 Long-tailed Tit (Photo C and C Cooke) 198837487 Marsh Tit (Photo: C and C Cooke) 198837488