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Local wildlife needs your help!  If you would like to get actively involved in any of the survey and other work undertaken in the area (go on... you know you want to!), please read on...




You will find full details of all the Community Wildlife Groups in Shropshire here:


Information Update from Upper Onny Wildlife Group April 2017

Curlew Recovery Project Appeal

The Upper Onny Wildlife Group has launched an appeal for funds to continue the monitoring of curlew nests to determine the fate of eggs laid and the causes of losses of eggs and chicks. These birds have declined by almost one third in the last 13 years. UOWG supported the Curlew Recovery Project set up in 2014 by the Stiperstones and Corndon Hill Country Landscape Partnership Scheme and seeks to continue the work when the LPS comes to an end soon. For more details of the Project see

Please support the Appeal as generously as possible. For methods of donation contact Janet Poynton at

Red Kites Breeding

In 2016 24 pairs of red kites were located, and 23 nests found: 18 were successful, producing 31 fledged young. Since the first successful breeding in 2006, more than 200 young are known to have flown from Shropshire nests. 180 of these young have been tagged. Almost all found nests have been in the AONB in the south-west Shropshire hills, but the range is spreading. As the range increases (such as in Chirbury, Wenlock Edge and near the Clee Hills)  there should be more nests to find this year so reports of sightings are needed any time between March and June of a pair together in spring, or displaying, or one seen several times in the  same place, or one going into a wood.

All reports will be treated in absolute confidence. Kites are legally protected but this monitoring is carried out under licence. Contact Leo Smith at or on 01694 720296.

Red Grouse Survey

For the last six years the Red Grouse population on the Long Mynd has been counted by the co-ordinated efforts of volunteers at dusk on several evenings  between late March and early May. Last year there were over 60 volunteers, and the same are needed this year. The Strettons Area Community Wildlife Group is leading the project. For anyone interested a Project Briefing & Methodology Meeting will be held on Thursday 23rd March 2017 at the Carding Mill Valley Tea Rooms from 7.30 – 8.30. For more detailed information visit .


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